Changing Lower Wishbone bushes

If your Sera is experiencing power on / power off steering problems, then it is likely that the lower wishbone bushes have worn.    This is something that can be done by an amateur with an average toolkit.


Jack & axle stands.
Wheel brace

Socket set (with long arm for extra leverage)

12mm spanner


  1. Loosen wheel nuts, jack car up and remove wheels.
  2. Remove anti-roll bar – 12mm nut.  It would be best to do this at both sides which will allow the anti-roll bar to turn freely along its inner mounting points.
  3. Undo bottom ball joint – 2 x 13mm nuts and 1 x 13mm screw.
  4. Remove front lower wishbone mount – 17mm bolt
  5. Remove rear wishbone bush bracket – 2 x 17mm bolts.

The wishbone should now be free and can be removed from the car. Then continue as follows:

  1. Replace wishbone and replace all items, including antiroll bar, but do not tighten fully.   Put wheels on temporarily and bounce suspension a couple of times.
  2. Raise car, remove wheels and tighten all mounts fully.
  3. Refit wheels & tighten as normal.
  4. Test drive

After the test drive I would recommend checking all mounting points.