Changing front brake pads

Changing brake pads is a simple DIY job that most people will be perfectly able to tackle.


Jack (in Sera toolkit)
Wheel brace (in Sera toolkit)
12mm spanner (in Sera toolkit) or socket
Screwdriver (in Sera toolkit)
Brake Pads (I can supply)
Copperslip or alloy paste (I can supply in small sachets)
  1. With the car on a level surface, with handbrake engaged, loosen wheel nuts
  2. Jack car up
  3. Remove wheel
  4. On the inner side of the brake caliper is two 12mm bolts – undo and remove.  One is a long bolt, other is a short bolt.
  5. Remove caliper from hub, brake pads now visible.
  6. Remove old brake pads – note positions of spring clips.
  7. Check brake discs for wear.  If OK, file of wear ridge along outer edge with a file – repeat for front and back of disc as well.
  8. Remove backing plates and springs from old pads, clean and transfer to new pads.   Use something like copper-slip or alloy paste on the back of the pad and backing plates
  9. Push piston in the caliper back in to allow for the increased thickness of new pads – use G-Clamp and an old brake pad to spread the load.
  10. Fit new pads into their frame.
  11. Refit caliper, tighten up 12mm brake bolts, refit wheels, lower car, final tighten wheel nuts (tighten wheel nuts in turn – firstly 1 then its immediate opposite.)

After doing both sides, take car for test drive.  The brakes will require a couple of pumps before the piston touches the pad.   Allow pads to bed in – do not brake heavily early on, if avoidable.