Changing Door Struts

Sagging doors is a common Sera problem, but one that can simply be resolved.    Usually the problem lies with the large gas strut, although the inner door strut can give problems.   Procedure below shows how to remove the outer door strut.

It is important to have something substantial to support the door on whilst the strut is being changed.   The door is very heavy indeed.    Whatever you use must be steady and not likely to fall over.


socket set (with a long arm for extra leverage)

Chair of something substantial to support door.

Door strut (I can supply)


  1. Open door and prop open using a chair or a workbench.   The Sera door is EXTREMELY HEAVY without its strut fitted.
  2. At bottom of the strut there is a plastic shroud, secured by one screw and two pegs.  Remove
  3. Carefully remove bottom strut screws using socket or spanner( 2 screws).  Strut is no longer supporting the weight of the door – take care, and make sure door is securely balanced on something.
  4. Unscrew bolt that goes through top eyelet from car.  This may be hidden behind a rubber boot.   Strut should no longer be attached to the vehicle.   Remove securing nut from strange bolt running through top eyelet.

Refitting procedure.

  1. Fit funny shaped bolt to car.
  2. Press top eyelet onto the ball part of the strange shaped bolt.   Fit securing nut
  3. Secure at bottom of strut – 2 screws.   Check for tightness.
  4. Refit plastic trim that covers bottom strut mounts.
  5. Remove temporary door support and try door.