Sera Handling Kit

One criticism that can be levelled at the Sera is that the suspension is too softly spring for a sporting coupe.

This handling package, which was developed with the assistance of Leda Suspension changes all that, lowering the car slightly, and giving a firmer and more sporting drive with less pronounced and more progressive body roll characteristics.

The kit contains:

  • 1 pair of front dampers
  • 1 pair of front progressive rate springs
  • 1 pair of rear dampers
  • 1 pair of rear progressive rate springs

The kit costs £ 425 + VAT and fitting.

Fitting is fairly straightforward and well within the realm of the amateur mechanic.   The only special tools needed apart from those in a fairly standard socket set is a pair of coil spring compressors, these are not expensive or maybe can be borrowed from someone who has them.

We recommend a geometry check afterwards.

Fitting takes 2-3 hours including a geometry check afterwards, and can be done by any garage or by a skilled amateur.

If required, KONI adjustable dampers can be substituted which gives extra adjustability.   The rears include spring mounts but the fronts are damper inserts and need fitting in the body of your current dampers.   A surcharge applies.

REAR car with handling kit 15″ alloys

FRONT car with handling kit 15″ alloys

FRONT standard car 14″ steel wheels