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Sera In America

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Posted 21 August 2018 - 09:00 PM



A Sera would go down a storm in the US.

? - sorry something musta been lost in translation somewhere, as i have no idea wat ur talking about...

check this out. seriously, there is a incredible amount of coolness to have a lambo emblem on ur backside...


That would be great for those who like pretending they are or they have something which they are not or have not.

Who would want to be blown out at the lights by a stock 'stang and see the dude crowing that they wiped out a Lambo ?

There's BIG downsides for imposters. Did someone mention Minimus Dickius ?

Just park a Sera ( any Sera ) beside a Mustang ( any Mustang ), open all the doors and see which gets the most attention.

( More mischief ).


Aww.. dude. Fucking.. i cant even read my shit from years back. I dont know how somebody didnt put a bullet in my head back then...

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Posted 06 September 2018 - 01:37 AM

i got my sera  in usa from New jersey importer of japanese cars..8 months ago .. i am looking at going to japan early 2019  ,, driving right hand drive is not the slightest problem... i want to buy a toyota hi ace motorhome 4x4.. i also want a toyota Master ace  van with the glass roof panels 4x4.... and i want a nissan Pao... and another sera or two...my friend and my brother want a sera's also ..... i am scared to pull the trigger on a vehicle i cant see and test drive.. so just buying unseen from japanese auctions seems scary to me... I'm watching the typhoon floods right now thinking of  and watching all the flood damaged cars ... I've seen some video about buying JDM exports and say they are inspected quite well and even mention the radiation check... i have always wondered about all the radiation cars.....I am in Rhode Island USA... and i bought this Sera on eBay..i have other weird old cars 15 Amphicars  .. subaru brat    gremlin pacer dune buggy  1966 fiat 500 etc etc.. i sold collection 17 years ago and retired to costa rica....then moved back to usa .. so i got car bug again.. and its got to be weird to attract me....i bought sera on eBay it was already in the usa... the importer had mostly those little 3 cylinder  KEI vehicles he imported....i just put in low bid 3850$   and was surprised i won... he told me i stole it... because his office listed it for sale right after christmas and the auction ended on a saturday night .. he said he wouldn't make that mistake again... but i live 140 miles away so i got to go drive it before i paid....been daily driving it for 6 months... great fun and mpg....AC quit working-cold.... and i hate that about buying old cars ... AC is a must for me... thats main reason i won't buy at auction without a test drive and feeling the AC....it was indoors when i bought it and could tell the AC worked.. but 4 months later when i needed the ac it didn't work after a couple days.. i had some cans of old r-12 topped off and it worked for a few days....now the drivers window motor don't work....i checked its not he door loom .. i thought it was double switch on drivers door ... but took door apart and put battery right to motor and got nothing so...now i got no drivers window that goes down  and no AC...and i just moved back here and don't know any reasonable mechanics who do odd cars or any reasonable AC mechanics....just shops who try to get 2000$ out of everybody who walks thru their door.....but the engine purrs like a kitten and its body is rust free   clear coat peeling on black targa top and little dings and dents .. but i don't mind i got to kids age 7 an10  and i don't buy them for shows i drive them.. so it was perfect.... Like i said driving on the right is no problem..... i feel weird driving normal now..... so i love the little  toyota 4x4 motorhomes and van with glass roof.. and i like the nissan Pao.....and my brother and friend want a Sera... so i might just sell this one cheap like 3000$   thats cheap here .. the other USA importers get 10,000$ granted it for nicer lower milage vehicles... but some one who's got a friend that does AC or can tinker and replace a window motor can get a deal for 3000$.... the car has 220,000 km   i got it with 190,000km  and it had all new belts and hoses and timing belt done at 170,000 km... it runs and drive fantastic.... its blueish gray.... i was going to paint it black and put some rims on it this winter... but like i said .. i think i am going to japan to buy a few more vehicles... so i will just sell this one....i would keep as a parts car  but i only have garage space for 3 vehicles now ...and don't want to leave it outside....

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Posted 01 October 2018 - 02:38 AM

Finally! I picked up my Sera in Florida and drove it all the way home to Michigan.

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