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Sgs Engineering, Derby - Gas Strut Servicing - Not An Endorsement

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Posted 04 December 2020 - 05:40 PM

The Situation: 


Our mutual customer, Mr. AS from Germany, sent a pair of gas struts to SGS with a view of re-gassing.  I understand they were not suitable for this procedure, so rather than being sent back to Germany, they would be sent to me, and I would add them to the large shipment of parts being readied to send him.


Mr. S. asked if I could pay the carriage, as his bank wanted a substantial fee to make a small international payment.   I agreed and sent money on 11th June, the same day I was given the bank details and pro-forma invoice.  It would have been in their account that same day.


It was 6 weeks after payment that I had realised that they hadn’t arrived…


The following is a transcript of messages backwards and forth.    Apart from tidying formatting, redacting personal and banking details from my side, this is the transcript...


My messages are in black, SGS replies are in red.


So far I’ve had apologies from Jade (three times), Carl (four times) and Abigale (total four, two sincere apologies, two regular ones).    I’d prefer to have two struts rather than eleven apologies!


Its not the amount thats the issue, its the principal - they have AS's struts, and the money do send them, but haven't, and have taken almost half a year to not send them.




18.08.2020           09:43                     Andrew Cliffe

Any news?


21.08.2020           16:21                     Andrew Cliffe



26.08.2020           10:06                     Andrew Cliffe



A reply would be nice.


01/10/2020         12:28                     Andrew Cliffe

Further to your somewhat apologetic phone call from a few weeks ago, promising to sort things out, I’ve heard nothing….

You have one pair of Toyota Sera door struts belonging to Mr. AS of Germany.

His bank wanted a hefty processing fee to pay the carriage, so I paid on his behalf.

I have a parcel waiting to go out to him, so would like his struts sent to me so I can get his package on its way to him.



16.10.2020     09:59               Jade Barker

Good morning Andrew,

I would like to apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you and A.

Please, could you advise if we would be sending them to REDACTED (as per the below address)?

If this is the case, I am going to speak to the team member you spoke to ensure we can get this resolved. Once again, I do apologise. 

Kind regards,

Jade Barker


16.10.2020         10:19                     Andrew Cliffe

Yes, that’s correct.

Maybe, just maybe, were getting somewhere…

Its only taken since June to October to post something!



26.10.2020           15:51                     Andrew Cliffe

Any further news???   10 days since last message…


04.11.2020           11:44                     Andrew Cliffe

Is there any progress on this at all?

Has Mr. S.’s parts been lost whilst in SGS’s care?

This invoice was paid by myself on the 11th June using faster payments bank transfer.

146 days have passed since you’ve received payment…


Attachment(s):     422589_AS (1).pdf (COPY OF PRO-FORMA)


04.11.2020      13:49               Carl Gilbert


The struts have been located and will be shipped out within 48 hours for you.

Apologies for the delays.

Kind regards,

Carl Gilbert


04.11.2020           14:26                     Andrew Cliffe

Phew.   Finally.



13.11.2020         12:48                     Andrew Cliffe

Still nothing received…


16.11.2020      11:13               Carl Gilbert


This should be received by Wednesday, apologies for any delays.

Kind regards,

Carl Gilbert


19.11.2020           15:27                     Andrew Cliffe

Today is Thursday and I’ve not received anything.

 Could someone explain exactly what the problem is?  

Its got to be as simple as:-

1.             Find parts – which you confirmed had been found on 4th November.

2.             Send parts - address confirmed in October.

I’m guessing you have lost A.’s struts and no-one wants to own up to the fact…     

If you want to buy some second-hand struts from me, just say…

161 days and counting since payment for postage was sent…



19.11.2020     16:13               Carl Gilbert


There has been a duplicate order generated on our system showing this was already dispatched, when the struts were still here in customer care, I have personally handed these to the shipping team to send out and get them to you.  Apologies as this is not in our normal workflow and outbound orders are not normally handled in this way and we have let you down.  We are ensuring these are now shipped.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,

Carl Gilbert


25.11.2020 14:15                              Andrew Cliffe

Still have not received anything!


25.11.2020     17:19               Abigale Hughes

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your email.

Apologies for the delay with your order.

I can confirm your order should be received by the end of the week.

Apologies for the delay and any inconveniences caused.

Kind regards,

Abigale Hughes


25.11.2020         18:28                     Andrew Cliffe

Thank you for the email Abigale.

Lets hope so, its only taken since the 11th of June which was when I made payment to do the comparatively simple job of post me one pair of struts!   

11th June to today is 167 days

Other ways that could be expressed is

•              5 months and 2 weeks
•              23 weeks and 6 days
•              Or 45% of 2020.

Jade managed to look up the address on the 16th October

Carl said they would be shipped out within 48 hours of the 4th November

And then I should receive them by Wednesday 18th November

I know sending parcels is a taxing job, right up there with rocket science, brain surgery and developing a vaccine for Covid-19, but its not as if you’ve had to do anything complicated like make parts.  

 There is a principal at stake – I’ve paid for a service I’ve not received, and you’ve also got the property of someone else, who would like them back…

If SGS has actually lost them but won’t admit to it, refund me the money I sent you and you can buy a set of secondhand struts from me, and I can send those back to A. in Germany.



27.11.2020         16:32                     Andrew Cliffe

It’s almost the end of the week, and guess what?!? – nothing…

Do you have a tracking number?


169 days since payment and counting, which is roughly 14.5 million seconds…



27.11.2020      17:33               Abigale Hughes

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your reply.

I do sincerely apologise for the delay with your order.

I have requested for an update on this.

Apologies for any inconveniences caused.

Kind regards,

Abigale Hughes


27.11.2020           19:06                     Andrew Cliffe


This isn’t aimed at you personally, but at SGS Engineering as a company…


With respect, I keep getting apologies for inconvenience, but I don’t think you really mean it, and they don’t really help.    I have a three large boxes of parts ready to send to AS in Germany which have been delayed for weeks now waiting for these last two items.  Brexit is looming.   If the package hasn’t left the UK by the end of the year, then he is likely to pay import duty, possibly 5-10% on this and it will all be due to the delays caused by your company.    Oh look, Christmas is approaching too, so they’ve got to be sent extra early…

Unless you can come up with an alternative suggestion, I propose the following:-

Deadline date:- Friday, 4th December at 6pm – that’s 176 days from the date of payment, 48% of the calendar year or 25 weeks and 1 day.    That’s 9 weeks longer than Bryan Adams spent at Number 1 with (Everything I do) I do it for you back in 1991 and 10 weeks longer than Love is all around by Wet Wet Wet which spent 15 weeks at number 1 in 1994.    

If one of three things hasn’t happened by this date, I will publish transcript of these emails on social media channels, including – Google Reviews, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and forums, tagging SGS Engineering in each.   No lies will be told, just these emails.   I’m sure it will amuse people.   The only things redacted would be my personal contact details, A.’s name and my banking details.

Assuming that the matter is resolved before the deadline, you have my word as a well brought up person that I will not say or publish anything on this particular saga. 

Option 1:  I receive AS’s Toyota Sera door struts, which he sent you earlier this year, and for which I paid for the return carriage to me on 11th June by bank transfer to the HSBC Account REDACTED Sort Code REDACTED as instructed.  Proforma was issued on 19th May 2020, Your reference 422589, Account 20040294.      The address to send is my work address:- REDACTED


Option 2: A replacement set of secondhand struts is sourced and is in my hands by the deadline, OR the appropriate value is in my bank or paypal account.  

I’m not recommending this particular vendor as I have some used ones in stock (saving you both time and the £ 15 carriage costs), but this is a guide price, set by an independent third party…



Option 3:

A new pair is obtained, or equivalent value.     Full disclosure – I am the vendor on this listing.   Yes, they are Chinese made struts.   I’d much prefer to be able to buy them from a UK supplier at a sensible price, but I can’t.     I wouldn’t even have to post them to myself.


Obviously option 1 must be the easiest and cheapest.   It’s the service I’ve paid for and not received, and the struts are A.’s property anyway, and Carl Gilbert confirmed they had been located on the 4th November.   Unless there is something that SGS isn’t owning up to and is employing delaying tactics.

In case you wish to take up the equivalent value relating to options 2 or 3, here are payment details.

My paypal account is REDACTED

My bank account is REDACTED

I’m sorry to have to impose a deadline, but it was getting silly.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Cliffe.


01.12.2020         12:23                     Andrew Cliffe

Any further thoughts???

11.06.2020 – 01.12.2020 = 173 days, which is the gestation time of a rhesus monkey plus 9 days.


03.12.2020           11:32                     Andrew Cliffe

Any update on AS’s struts?


04.12.2020           12:43                     Andrew Cliffe

I’m not sure if my messages are getting through…

Below is a message of the three options I suggested last Friday, with the deadline being end of business today.  I’ve heard nothing since….

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in asking for you to return AS’s struts to me, a service I paid for on 11th June this year.


(repeat of 27.11.2020 19.06 message)                                                            Same message sent to Andy Wyatt, MD


04.12.2020           14.46                     Andrew Cliffe

Still nothing <name>…                                                                                        Messages sent to Carl, Jade & Abigale


04.12.2020      14.46               Jade Barker


Thank you for your message and I am sorry for the delay. 

I had escalated this to our team leader so we could come to a resolution. I didn't appear to receive confirmation that the order has been paid and the address in which you would like it to go? 

Apologies again and I hope you have a lovely day. 

Kind regards,

Jade Barker


04.12.2020           14.55                     Andrew Cliffe

Confirmed by me Fri 16/10/2020 10:19…

I’ve had promises from Carl Gilbert and Abigale Hughes all promising things which haven’t happened.  

Last week I sent this to Abigale saying there was a deadline of 6pm today before I start posting messages on internet sites, social media, Google, Trustpilot and other reviews.   I’m just going to post the transcript…

Here is my ultimatum, time runs out in 3 hours.

Below is a message of the three options I suggested last Friday, with the deadline being end of business today.  I’ve heard nothing since….

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in asking for you to return AS’s struts to me, a service I paid for on 11th June this year.


repeat of ultimatum...


07.12.2020           12.09                     Andrew Cliffe


Any update from your team leader?





07.12.2020           13.00                     Dave Gordon (phone call)


Apparently were sent to me early in November but parcel was returned to them (delivery address gets deliveries from all major couriers and is open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday).
Received two extra apologies (total 13), one of which was supposedly genuine.


Anyway, by 08.12.2020 I will be in possession of AS's struts.

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Posted 08 December 2020 - 05:34 PM



After 180 days since payment, SGS have returned the struts.


I am locking this thread.

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