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5e-fhe Starlet

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Posted 10 January 2014 - 11:42 AM

Hi guys,


A cut down version of my build thread, the full version can be seen on UKSO or TGTT.


I acquired my '97 Sportif as a first car with the intention to drive for a while and upgrade, but it's still here three and a bit years later.

Here's two photos of when I picked the car up.



The car itself has cause me a lot of heartache, first of all by spinning no.3 big end baring three months into ownership. After chucking out money for a new engine, I really didn't want it to go to waste, so I thought I may as well get modding.

I started with the usual  N/A mods, Corolla intake, straight through exhaust etc. Still not enough power for my liking though, so was considering a 4e-fte swap. In hindsight this would have been a cheaper option and better gains for the money I chucked at it, but I opted to stay N/A.

Here is a photo before the major transformation began.


I managed to source a 5e-fhe from a '93 Sera, which was one of the major heartaches, between the overall condition of the engine and a rouge engine builder, but I'll not get into that.

Here's a few photos of 5e getting dropped in first time round.



A few issued developed while running the engine in, the engine builder did not replace the piston rings or bearings, so out it came again.

And back in, with new rings, oil pump, bearings etc. Also a new rocker cover colour.


Next on the agenda... ITB's


The general drive ability of the car has improved greatly, pulls well from 25mph in 5th and make the daily commute interesting.

Here are a few artsy photo's that Jay took.



Engine/performace wise, the car is basically where I want it to be, minus standalone management.  In the process of polishing the engine bay up at the moment and replacing all the visible bolts with anodized ones. Will wire tuck at some point too.

I want to get the bodywork in order next. Have plans for a carbon bonnet, Livesports rear spoiler, Varis rear bumper, Reflet rear lights and Livesports skirts. I've a remix bumper to go on too.

Cheers for reading!



EDIT: Recent photos here.







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Posted 10 January 2014 - 12:07 PM

Spec list


Spec List




5E-FHE Block
5E-FHE Con-rods
5E-FHE Pistons
5E-FHE Valve Springs
5E-FHE Cams
5E-FHE Injectors
4E-FE Crank
Lightened & Balanced Crank
Lightened & Balanced Flywheel
ACL Main bearings
ACL Big End bearings
ACL Trust washers
OE Genuine Oil Pump
OE Genuine Headgasket
OE Genuine Water pump
OE Genuine Piston Rings
Custom Quad Throttle Bodies
TRD Thermostat
TRD Oil Filter
Anodized Oil Filter sandwich plate
Samco coolant hoses
ASH Vacuum hoses
ASH Fuel Hoses
ASH PAS Fluid Hoses
ASH Rocker Cover breather
Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator
OBX S/S headers
Custom Centre section
Custom De-Cat
Japspeed rear silencer

Japspeed Centre Section
NGK Iridium Plugs
NGK Plug Leads
HKS Earthing kit

Sickspeed Plug wire separator
HKS Water Temperature adaptor
Tegiwa Torque Damper
Tegiwa Reservoir Socks

CJ Lightweight Crank Pulley
CJ Lightweight PAS Pulley
CJ Lightweight Alternator Pulley

Cusco Catch Tank

Apexi AFC Neo

Excedy OEM Spec Clutch




15” Rota Slipstreams
Remix Front Bumper

Remix Front Grille
’98 Spec Front Fogs

Glanza Rear Bumper
Glanza Number Please Recess
Light smoke window tints
Optional Extra Headlight Protectors

Optional Extra mud flaps
Jap Spec Rear Lights
Jap Spec Number Plates

Circuit Sports Lug nuts

Clear front indicators

Clear side repeators

PIAA bulbs




Paseo Clocks

Blue LED’s all round

Glanza Front Seats

Optional Extra mats

Optional Extra Boot mat

Glowshift Oil Pressure Gauge

Glowshift Volts Gauge

Glowshift Water Temperature Gauge

Carbon Centre Console Surround

JVC KD-X30 head unit
Sony xplod 6x8’s

Pioneer 10cm speakers

Cruise gear knob

Leather gator

OMP Corsa Steering wheel

OMP Horn button

HKB Boss Kit



Whiteline Rear Anti-roll bar

Whiteline front drop links
KYB front & rear shocks
Lowering Springs
Ultra Racing Front Strut Brace

Toyo Proxy T1R’s

EBC Discs

EBC Greenstuff pads

HEL braided brake hoses

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Posted 31 January 2014 - 09:52 PM

A super engine!


It will be working realy good in the P9!  :D

#4 AndrewC


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Posted 25 October 2017 - 01:37 PM

Revising this old thread as was looking for ACL part numbers for 5E-FHE engine.   


The spec given above won't work I don't think as 5E and 3E engines have larger diameter crank journals to 1E, 2E and 4E engines and mixing a 4E crank with a 5E block won't work


5E crank rod journal - 42.985-43.000mm / 4E crank rod journal - 39.985-40.000mm

5E crank housing diameter - 46.000-46.020 / 4E crank housing diameter - 43.001-43.021
5E main journal - 49.985-50.000mm / 4E main journal - 46.985-47.000mm


Both are nominally 3mm difference in diameter, and the standard production bearings are the same thickness.     The only way you could use a 4E crank in a 5E bearing is to have custom bearings made that are approx 3mm thicker than standard with the ID to suit the 4E engine and the OD to suit the 5E block, and a similar problem mating 5E rods to a 4E crank.    Unless I'm missing something obvious?

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Posted 27 August 2020 - 01:47 PM


You listed "Custom Quad Throttle Bodies" in your engine specs.

Could you elaborate?

What brand/size?

Did they work out well?

I would love to add ITBs and hope you can give me a starting point.



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