Technical Specifications

Model Code EXY10
Track 55.3″ front and rear
Wheelbase 90.6″
Length 152.0″
Width 65.0″
Height 49.8″
Weight 2075 lbs


Engine Code 5E-FHE
Engine type transverse inline 4 cylinder, DOHC, 16v, cast iron block, alloy cylinder head, belt driven, with geared camshafts.
Peak power 108bhp @ 6400 rpm
Peak torque 97 lb ft @ 5200 rpm
Bore x Stroke, mm 73.9mm x 87.1mm (2.91″ x 3.43″)
Capacity 1496cc
Compression Ratio 9.8:1
Ignition Breakerless, Electronic igntion.
Fuel Supply Fuel injected


Steering Rack and Pinion, power assisted
Brakes Vented discs (front), drums at rear unless fitted with ABS, then discs all round
Front Suspension MacPherson struts with lower control arms and anti-roll bar
Rear Suspension Trailing arm beam axle, Panhard Rod, coil springs and dampers
Wheels / Tyres
Body Monocoque construction, steel
Transmission 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic driving front wheels via unequal length driveshafts

Greenish Yellow Mica (569)
affectionally nicknamed ‘grellow’
Light Blue Mica (8G6)

Medium Blue Mica (8H7)

Light Turquoise Mica (743)

Turquoise (746)

Wine Red Mica (3J8)

Burnt Orange Mica (3K6)

Poppy Red (3E6)

Wine Red Mica
Burnt Orange Mica
Poppy Red
Light Silver Opal (189)

Dark Grey Mica (188)

Astral Black (202)

Light Silver Opal
Dark Grey Mica
Astral Black

Dark Green Mica (6M1) with
Genteel Green two toning (22W) and Nimbus Grey hubcaps (182)

Dark Green Mica

Certain colours phased out and other colours phased in during the lifespan of the Sera. Wine Red and Dark Grey for example was phased out when the phase 2 Sera was introduced, and at that point Burnt Orange and Astral Black was introduced.

Some people have had their Seras repainted – the above are the standard Toyota colours. I have seen yellow, white, violet, pink and purple Seras…