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[SOLD] 1990 Sera Auto for sale (UK)

a9ote_21990 Sera Auto for sale.   Imported to the UK in June 2003, owned by current owner since July 2003.    Financial and marital problems meant that the car was parked up in August 2013 and started occasionally since.

Body:   Repainted blue some years ago.   Mostly paint is good.     Roof T-Bar was painted in same colour.   Some paint cracking on rear spoiler, and there are various scuff marks from daily use.     Main problem areas are rot in rear RH wheelarch and both front wings.     Rear wheelarch will need welding, front wings could be repaired or replaced.    I don’t know what shade of blue it is, but its quite attractive.

Rear boot lock was drilled out when the owners locked their keys inside (they didn’t know about the ‘trick’).  There is a spare lock with the car, and I may have a better one.

Engine:  With a boost battery started easily.   Drove onto trailer.  Drove off again.     Service recommended.      Engine bay needs a bit of a clean.

Brakes – brakes not very efficient but probably due to the car having stood since August 2013.   Discs need cleaning up.    Car has ABS, so discs all round.

a9ote_1Interior.   Missing SLSS rear parcelshelf and speakers.    Has sub and dash speakers, but no head unit.    Otherwise interior seems OK.     Dashboard cup holder fitted and roof mounted CleanAce cabin filter.    Has both roof panels in passable condition.    I have a spare parcelshelf which I will include – its not an SLSS one though.

Spares – there is a spare alternator or power steering belt with the car, a new air filter and a cv boot kit.

Windscreen – cracked, needs replacing

Exhaust – stainless steel Longlife system from downpipe back (not sure if cat intact or not)

Its a car that is too good to break, and would suit an amateur mechanic who wants a bit of a project, but one where the fundamentals are basically all sound.

£ 600.00 plus delivery.