The Toyota Sera was a Japanese market vehicle, made between 1990 and 1995, based upon the Toyota Starlet floorpan and running gear.   The purpose of this website is to provide information on the Toyota Sera and to provide a community where enthusiasts and owners can discuss these cars and more.    Despite the car being made only in Japan, they have been imported to many countries around the globe and their owners enjoy unusual and stylish motoring.

When I purchased my first Sera in 1998, owning a Sera was difficult.    Toyota UK’s policy towards imports was to have nothing to do with them, mostly due to cut-price low mileage MR2’s and Celicas which were affecting new car sales.    There was no formal club and it started with a number of Sera owners in the UK corresponding with each other by email.

Since then the site has grown to become the primary place for English speaking Sera owners from around the globe, including communities not just in the UK, but also Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, Pakistan and many other countries around the world.

The Sera itself was a concept car that became production reality, launched in March 1990. Just under 16,000 cars were made before production ceased in December 1995.

Despite being over 20 years old the design is still fresh and futuristic.

The vast majority of these cars were made in the first year (over 9000) with production tailing off due to various factors – namely the downturn in the Japanese economy as well as being a victim of fashion.

Now, over twenty years since the Sera was launched, the Sera is becoming recognised as a future classic.